Summer has ended and the cooler temperatures of fall have arrived. Along with them, come a few necessary fall home maintenance tasks to keep your property in good shape. There are a number of things for your list that are specific to the change of seasons, and it’s a good idea to get started before winter hits. Here you’ll find a few pointers to help prepare for colder weather.

Fall Home Maintenance: Dealing With Leaves

The changing leaves are beautiful but an accumulation of leaves on your lawn can cause problems. If you have deciduous trees on or adjacent to your property, you’ll need a plan for leaf removal. If you’re a new homeowner and this is your first autumn at this residence, find out if curbside leaf removal is an option in your area. Some cities require the leaves to be bagged, while others will remove the leaves when piled along the curbside.

If the city doesn’t do leaf removal, you’ll have to create your own strategy. A compost pile is a sustainable option or you may decide to haul away the leaves yourself if they are accepted at a local collection center.

When the leaves do start falling, keep them away from areas where they could be hazardous. Wet leaves on walkways are easy to slip on, and leaf litter should be cleared away from outdoor HVAC units.

Outside Home Maintenance for Fall

Fall home maintenance extends beyond raking the yard. A home must be prepared inside and out for the challenges of colder weather.

  • Clean the gutters before the leaves start falling and check them regularly throughout the season to see if further maintenance is needed.
  • Cut the water supply to outside spigots to avoid frozen pipes and fittings. Remove and store garden hoses. Drain the water from the fixtures to prevent burst pipes during a cold snap.
  • Put your patio furniture inside a storage building or basement. You won’t be using it when the weather is cold and it may be damaged if left exposed to the elements.

Indoor Preparations for Colder Weather

  • Change the air filter on your heating system to improve indoor air quality and to keep the heater working efficiently throughout the fall and winter.
  • Add additional insulation to drafty windows using plastic heat-shrink wrap that is sold at most hardware stores.
  • Make a winter preparedness kit for your home that includes blankets, flashlights, candles, a first aid kit, bottled water, and dry or canned food. You might add a power bank to recharge phones and a battery or crank-operated weather radio. Include items that are useful during an extended power outage.

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