The moving process is stressful and expensive, and it is even more of a hassle when you are moving to another state. Whether you are moving to be closer to family or starting a new job, here are some of the most important things a homeowner should do to prepare.

Moving to Another State: Start the Process Early

Moving to another state requires more considerations than just moving across town. Start researching, budgeting, and planning as early as possible to prepare. Depending on the timeline for your move and buying or selling your next home, you may need to coordinate storage on top of hiring movers. Once you choose a moving date, request quotes from multiple companies before signing a contract.

Consider Cost of Living Changes

Relocation expenses go beyond the immediate costs of renting a moving truck or buying sturdy boxes to pack your belongings. The cost of living for different areas of the country can vary substantially. When moving to another state, prepare for the new prices of things like groceries, utilities, and property taxes.

Look for Relocation Assistance When Moving to Another State

Are you moving to another state for a job? Some employers cover all or a portion of moving expenses to ease the burden of packing up. Even if yours has not formally offered relocation assistance, it’s worth asking if your employer could offer help because it’s typically a negotiable benefit.

Find New Doctors, Veterinarians, and Pharmacies

It’s a good idea to find new doctors and veterinarians ahead of time. Many new patient appointments take a few weeks or months to schedule. Start the process before you move to get uninterrupted medical care.

Pack Strategically When Moving to Another State

The packing process takes longer when you move a long distance. Start early by packing things that won’t be needed immediately, like books, extra bedding, home décor, and entertainment items. Pack essentials in a separate bag or box and leave them in your car or an easily-accessible part of the moving truck.

Set Up Mail Forwarding 

USPS offers free mail forwarding. Set it up in advance to make sure that all mail is forwarded to your new address starting on your move-in day. Mail forwarding can last for six months after the move, which gives you plenty of time to update your address with everyone.

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