‏If you’re purchasing a new home, it’s important that you order a buyer’s inspection before closing on the deal. From your family’s safety to getting a fair price, there are many reasons to order a home inspection‏, even for new builds. ‏

Order a Home Inspection to Know the House is Safe‏

‏To the untrained eye, a home might appear perfectly safe. Frayed electrical wires could be hidden behind the drywall, there may be issues with the plumbing, and landscaping might be covering up cracks in the foundation or disguising drainage issues.

The typical homebuyer doesn’t have the knowledge to determine whether the building is structurally sound. A buyer’s home inspection outsources that responsibility to a qualified professional home inspector. ‏The inspector’s job is to assess the condition of the home and it’s main systems and components, and then report back to the buyer with their findings.

Home inspectors perform tests and inspect all visible and accessible areas of the home, including the electrical system, plumbing, HVAC unit, structure, and foundation.‏

‏After the inspection, you can expect a full report listing areas of concern in the home. In most cases, the inspector will include photos and descriptions of each problem found. You’ll better understand the condition of the property you are purchasing. ‏

Home Inspections Give You Negotiating Power

‏A professional home inspector is a neutral, unbiased third party. Their report could reveal damage, weakness, or disrepair that will become your responsibility as the new owner. This should be taken into account when determining the price you are comfortable paying for the home. ‏

Your buyer’s inspection report is a valuable source of evidence to support any concession you request from the seller. You might ask the seller to repair the leaking roof or update the electrical system before closing on the sale.‏

Yes, You Should Order a Home Inspection‏ for a New Build‏

‏Many people think inspections are not necessary for newly built properties, but it’s still important to hire a home inspector. If your construction is bank-financed, they may even require an inspection before closing. If you’re having a home built, talk to the bank about when the inspection is recommended. Some home inspectors will perform stage inspections that occur at different phases of the build.

You might order a home inspection: ‏

  • before the foundation is poured. If you have an inspection before the concrete trucks are scheduled, you can rest assured your home will be built on a solid foundation.
  • before drywall is hung. Drywall hides most of the pipes and wires. Since plumbing leaks and house fires can cause serious damage, you’ll want to have these elements inspected before the walls are closed up.
  • ‏before you move in. Before you bring your family and belongings into the space, a final inspection will make sure it’s safe and ready for occupancy.

When purchasing a home, hire an inspector you trust. You’ll feel peace of mind that your investment is a smart one.

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